A Story About More Than a Bathroom Remodel

“Progressive Builders was always clean and considerate of our own needs and schedule. We have small children and we were often at home during the demolition and construction. If we were going to be out of town for a few days, they would schedule loud or extra dirty work during that period so as to be less disruptive to us on other days when we would be at home. Also, I was always comfortable with the workers around my children. They were always polite and respectful.” – Nicole B.


This bathroom remodel is actually the second project we completed on this two-story family home located in the Devonwood community in Fort Myers, Florida. The first project involved an unsafe balcony. The family’s toddler could access the second-floor balcony and climb onto the roof, so the first order of business was making this home safer.

After interviewing three different companies, the family chose us because we showed genuine concern for their safety and gave them a choice of three solutions to the problem. We were able to transform the balcony into an additional bedroom for them, eliminating the safety concern and providing more space.

Two years later, when the couple was ready to remodel their master bathroom they called us. As the “before” photo shows, the existing bathroom was large but had much wasted space. Its faux Mediterranean style lacked true design details and function. The tones, layout and flow all needed help. Our kitchen and bath designer came up with a couple of new concepts, and the owners selected a direction based on function, design and value. Now the clients love this comfortable and beautiful space, and it has greatly improved their lifestyle. The project finished on time and on budget.

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The Story of a Complete Custom Interior Makeover

“Progressive has a great staff to work with who always address you politely, respond quickly and often go above and beyond what is expected.” – John and Barbara F.


The upscale country club community of Bonita Bay in Bonita Springs, Florida features many exceptional luxury homes. Some of these home are newer, but some were built closer to 30 years ago when the community was first developed. These once-grand state-of-the-art homes are the perfect opportunity for a remodel.

For the Bonita Bay home shown here, we did a kitchen remodel, laundry room upgrade, new wet bar, entertainment center wall, new flooring, new baseboards, interior painting and exterior painting.

To open up the family room and create a more functional space, we redesigned the kitchen layout, omitting inefficiencies and creating more uniform, level counter heights. We designed and installed new maple cabinetry with soft close hinges and soft close drawer closers, culinary drawer dividers, a pop up mixer, and improved storage. The natural maple cabinets beautifully complement the Blue Eye granite and bright blue, green and aqua tile backsplash.


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From Damaged to Delightful

“Progressive was recommended to me by a friend, and I would be proud to recommend them. We were unable to visit the site as we had planned during construction due to a family medical emergency, and yet all of our hopes and expectations were fulfilled. They did a superb job.
Because we were unable to visit the site during the construction, communications were extremely important to us. Progressive did a very good job keeping us informed of the progress with weekly summaries of what was done and what was to be done the following week, and providing pictures so we could see the progress. We felt we were a real part of the project.
Working with Progressive Builders was a very positive experience – high-quality work done on time and on budget. Progressive rebuilt my entire condo, which had been severely damaged by water. Their efforts, from the design drawings to execution, were flawless. I considered myself very lucky to have them working on my project. I would proudly recommend them and will certainly use them again when the opportunity arises.
So often one hears horror stories about working with contractors and often projects are taken on with some dread. This was not the case when working with Progressive – from the first contact through the entire project, we could not have been more pleased. In actuality, this turned out to be a most pleasurable experience, and I havea a beautiful condo to show for it. Thank you, Progressive!”
– Joy & Richard W.


Project Name: Wadleigh
Location: Bonita Bay
Type: Full Condo Remodel

This project is the perfect example of our ability to turn a bad situation into a beautiful remodel.

Unfortunately, it all started when our clients had to endure the pain of realizing their beautiful Bonita Bay condo had suffered major water damage in two different places while they were at their northern home for the summer. The extent of the damage was catastrophic. They lost an entire kitchen, master bathroom and guest bathroom, and all of the associated flooring and drywall needed to be replaced and repaired.

When we met them, they were dealing with the damage and initial cleanup, as well as the insurance company. They had already spent months of negotiation, frustration, and inspections, and the response to their claim didn’t come close to meeting their expectations. Even though the owners are very positive people, it is safe to say spirits were not very high when we first met onsite to review the potential remodel.

However, our design-build process helped them see a silver lining to their dark cloud. The renovation included the addition of a claw foot tub, two renovated showers, dark mahogany cabinets, and granite countertops throughout. We also installed new flooring, trim, and fresh paint to bring it all together.

As we were finishing the project, the clients’ sense of relief began to show and grew into complete satisfaction. Their condo was beautiful once again! The before-and-after photos and the owner’s comments on our third party quality control survey results truly speak to the home’s transformation and the client’s satisfaction.

More photographs of the project: